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Found some of the pages from an older website of mine - and as time allows will be adding them onto this page.

Search links will be activated as items are added. some will be things that you may find helpful, others will be things I use and you might enjoy too, some will be things we also sell, and some will be a combination.

Enjoy The Making - Wheat

Braiding Resources
Kumihimo Links & Resource Information

Color Trends
Preciosa is the glass maker of Czechoslovakia and as such has a huge influence on what will be offered to the Czech bead manufacturers. There are a number of sties that offer the fabric and home dec, but only one I know that that so directly effects Bead and Jewellery. Preciosa Seasonal Pantone Color Palette PDF's offer the Jewellery maker a chance to plan their work - And an opportunity to let their bead suppliers know in advance what colors they will want. Download (requires Adobe Reader to view:
    *     Fall 2014 - Winter 2015     *     Spring - Summer 2015     *     Fall 2014 - Winter 2015     *    


  • How to Use the Knitting Spool A timeless tradition that many will recall learning as a child has returned. The knitting spool you may have used with yarn or thread as a youngster has been reimagined for wire weaving. The SoftFlex instructions demonstrate several different wraping resulting in different textures to your knitting.

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    Thread Product & Info & Conversion Charts

  • BeadSmith - Superlon (SLon) Cross X-Ref information for each of the current 6 sizes/styles and a link to downloadable PDF Color Chart

  • Clover Silk Thread

  • Sulky of America Color Cross Reference includes conversion from DMC, Madeira, and Robison Anton
    Sulky 12wt cotton to DMC floss Excel file cross-referencing DMC floss to Sulky 12 wt. Cotton for handwork. (spreadsheet - 10 kb )
    Sulky RGB ColorExcel file with RGB values for sulky colors.(spreadsheet - 144 kb )

  • Sullivan's Embroidery Floss OnLine Converter cross reference between Sullivans Embroidery Floss and DMC colors.
    Sullivan's Downloadable Floss Cross Reference (PDF - 8 pages - 2.57 MB ) includes DMC and Anchor

  • YLI - A Thread Of Truth All you need to know is the cotton count or denier to convert any thread size to Tex. (PDF - 17 pages - 996 kb )
    YLI Thread & Needle Chart List YLI Products and the best needle to use for each YLI Thread. ( PDF - 1 Page - 32 kb )

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  • Schacht Spindle Co. makes wonderful tools for spinners and weavers. Schacht's videos - although primarily meant to help you to use their products - often have great tips.
    The Schacht Zoom Loom Video shows basics of how to use the Schacht Zoom Loom. As a long time user of weavettes, I can really appreciate how simple they have made it.

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