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MATUBO are Czech glass beads with the most variegated colour finish and perfectly lustrous surface bringing innovative ideas into the beading world. IAJS wants to help you fulfill your creative vision by offering Matubo ™ a wide range of of Matubo ™ Beads in a variety of shapes, finishes, and quantity to suit the needs of individual and professional crafters alike,
MATUBO is a trademark of Matura Beads s.r.o., a company situated in the Czech glass making region with a hundred-year-old tradition of glass beads production.
Successful products like SuperDUO, Rulla, SuperUNO and many other bearing the name of MATUBO the best of Czech beads, bring in new trends and possibilities into the amazing world of beading.
We strive to produce innovative beads from top-quality Czech PRECIOSA ORNELA glass. Thanks to a combination of Czech glass and adherence to a correct bead manufacturing techniques we are able to come up with unique products which differ with their look and, most of all, perfect lustre. The quality of our products draws from our own experience with pressed beads which we have been manufacturing for three generations.
The Matura family, as the heir of the inventor of automatic glass bead pressing, have been continuously evolving these technologies and believe in the success of their products. Join us and enter the world of spectacular combinations of colours, shades and lustres and let yourself be carried away by the subtlety, beauty and harmonic perfection of our MATUBO beads. SuperUno made in Czech Republic by The Matubo Bead Company is a 2-hole Czech Glass Bead uses the glass of Preciosa Ornelia as its base. In addition to basic opaque and transparent colors - SuperUno & SuperDuos are also offered with speciality coatings and finishes The SuperUno measures 2.5mm at its widest and 5mm long. While simliar in size to the Preciosa Twin Co - The SuperUno and SuperDuo have pinched ends that allow the beads to nestle together creating a wide range of design and project shaping options. Useful as both styples are - the difference in shape may not preduce the desired appearance if you choose to mix Super Uno and Super Duo in projects using Twins. The full range of SuperUno and SuperDuo Beads are now part of the IAJS OnTimeInventory program we are building with major Matubo Bead importer to the US - The BeadSmith.
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