Super DUO Mixes 2.5x5mm 2 hole

    The Matubo SuperDUO
  • TWO Hole: .8mm approx
  • Metal/Glass Base
  • Dimension: 2.5 x 5mm approx
  • Inner Hole: .8 approx
  • Type of Material: Preciosa Glass
  • 100g = approx 1450 beads
  • 22-24g = approx 300 beads
  • Brand: Matubo - Czech Republic
  • 474 Colors are usually available in SuperDuo
  • 60 mixes including 4-6 coordinated colors/finishes also avaiable
  • Finishes include: Transparent, Opaque, AB, Rainbow, Luster, Capri, Picasso and others

Color Sheet: PDF of BeadSmith Super Duo Mixes
OPINION: SuperDUO Mixes are a great way to step outside your color comfort zone. And see examples of different coatings and finishes - lots of bang for the buck
TIPLET: Although sharing the same OD (Outer Dimensions) 2.5mm x 5mm - Matubo SuperDUO & Preciosa Twins are often not inter changeable - they can be, but may require some adjustments to the work and perhaps to your expectations.
Click to Coordinate SuperUNO
INSPIRATION: Matubo the Czech Glass manufacturer of SuperDUO, SuperUNO, and MiniDUO beads and others has a number of free projects available for down load at: Inspiration Projects (opens in a new window) Others are available from the BeadSmith to its retailers to share with our customers. Contact Us for more info
last updated: 2015-09-13
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