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There are a variety of Bead Spinner tools out there and each has its own characteristics - The Bead Spinner was first popular in the 90's - today, in addition to the original,

We currently makes available all 4 Beadsmith Bead Spinning Wheels and two sizes of needle: If you are not interested in our opinions, just click on the images to go directly to the product of your choice. or click here to jump down to the Product list below




J Needle

As with any tool - which version will work best for you (or work at all for that matter) is something only you can decide.

Manual vs Motorized - both have a learning curve. For most beadworkers the wooden version is a better choice. In fact, once we clearance the ones we have on had the motorized version will join the ranks of "only order if the customer insists" The first bead spinning bowls appeared in the early 1990's. Today you can find the original and versions in exotic woods as well as two "production" models. BeadSmith's Bead Spinning Wheel and Beadalon's Bead-n-Spin.

Needles first. I only use the longer J shaped needles. So far and I do think it is because I am fairly good at this task - those offered by the BeadSMiTH have proved adequate for 6/0 up to 11/0 Japanese Seed and for currently manufactured Czech beads up to about 10/0.

Next up are the bowls. At one time or another I have purchased - owned and used just about every one out there - not too mention the various types of needles.

Plastic versions exist - sometimes found in the PINK in the Doll Aisle and other colors in the Beading Aisle. It is my personal choice to avoid trashing products when possible. In the case of plastic bead spinners it is my strong opinion that your time and money would be better spent buying an 8 ounce tube of whipped cream cheese then looking up and using the DIY instructions to make something that are all over the Internet

Wooden Bowl Bead Spinners - this is where Form - Function and Bang for the Buck come into play in our choice to recommend the BeadSMiTH Bead Spinning Wheel. These two may not be as pretty as some - but the wooden version has the lower learning curve. It also gives you better speed control and with practice can be used even for applications for bead count matters.

< BeadSMiTH offers two sizes - I prefer is the larger SW24. It is true that many like to recommend the smaller SW16 because the smaller bowl requires less beads to work effectively. - but with that advantage comes one disadvantage - the height of the spindle is much shorter and so is less comfortable to use, If your stringing project requires starting and stopping (as in to load a few of a different color for patterning requirements) the taller spindle of the SW24 will win my vote every time. That taller spindle far outweighs any other perceived drawback when compared to the increased comfort during use and the added control over start stop and speed do matter in my personal work and if it does to you - then SW24 may be the better choice.

Your experience and preferences may be different and if you have further questions, please use the contact us form or send e

The BeadSmith has a brief but good video for the Spinner It may be helpful to notice the angle Ronny is holding the needle - I know the spinner comes with the shorter needle, but you may at some point want to get their longer needle - amazing how much more control one has with that extra 1.5 inches of needle. How to Use a bead spinner (video opens in a new window)

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