Mandrels for Sizing and Shaping

Mandrels are forms used by Jewelry makers - usually for rings and bracelets - but infinitely useful to those making their own findings from jump rings to end caps.
There are lots of DIY possibilities for Mandrels - so it won't hurt our feelings if you decide to go that route especially for those making their own findings.
The PC80 Plastic Caliper is our Mandrel Lagniappe. We dislike "nickle, dime, dollaring" - and a Caliper is needed for the necessary measurement and really is needed. Just ask for it in the comment section of your order form. (sorry no substitutions of any kind for standard lagniappe offers)
We are happy to order any of the Mandrels listed, we try to keep both the Beadalon's Artistic Wire Conetastic and The BeadSmith's Mandrel 4x - Multi Shape & Size Tool in stock as they are what we most often use. For all others, please allow an additional 5-7 days delivery time.
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