Draw Plates

Draw plates are used in wire work to harden - smooth and condense.

Draw Plates may, with care, also be used in braided jewelry.

We recommend The DP15 Plastic Wire Drawplate Set although others are available. DP15 works particularly well for knit, crochet, woven or braided jewelry where a smooth and relatively even outer diameter beaded braids.

First, the traditional use to smooth the braid into an even diameter - a blessing for both the new and experienced wire jewelry maker.

Second, because each stage of the drawplate is labeled with the inner diameter, it is useful as a quick measure of the braids or other work, outer diameter - a need to know when choosing appropriate findings to finish your work.

Tiplet: When using the Drawplate to measure OD (outer diameter) insert from the back, then you will be able to read the size without having to awkwardly turn the paddle over.

We have used these product with both precious metal, Artistic Wire with no damage to the wire or most beaded braids that are have a smoother outer diameter. They will probably work just as well with most craft wire.

It is not recommended to use draw plates on beaded braid sections that are highly textured - and there are workarounds. Overall, DP12 Plastic Wire Drawplate Set is the one we use and recommend most often.
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