Loopers-One-Step or Wrap Pliers

    The BeadSmith 1 Step Looper
    Create and trim loops in one easy step every time
  • Uses most 24 to 18 gauge wire
  • Test with dead soft or half hard precious metal wire - craft wire-copper or brass core wire.
  • Bends and trims between 24 and 18 gauge wires. Allows you to customize the length of eye pins.
  • 3 Sizez Sold Separately Of Special Price for Set of 3
    1.5mm   -   2.25mm   -   3.00mm   -   Set of 3 Sizes   -  
  • BeadSmith Product Video
Please note - To allow us to offer the best possible pricing, we order these tools as needed - so shipping to you may be delayed 3-5 business days.
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