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The BeadSmith is a wholesale distributor (does not sell directly to individuals) while no small business can stock everything, what we can do is be willing to order any product that is regularly carried by our primary distributors often without a minimum purchase.
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Jul-Aug 2017 May-Jun 2017 Mar-Apr 2017 Jan-Feb 2017

Oct-Nov 2016 Aug-Sep 2016 Jun-Jul 2016 Apr-May 2016

Aug-Sep 2015 Apr-May 2015 Oct-Nov 2014 Aug-Sep 2014 May-Jun 2014

Nov-Dec 2013 May-Jun 2013

The custom order process adds 3-5 business days when the item is in stock in the warehouse.

We also have a long way to go to get every product into our catalog. Or every product update for that matter but you have to start somewhere.

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