S-Lon Tex135 FineCord

S-Lon Fine Cord can easily for used for many stringing and knotting applications. While silk is always best for real pearls - The BeadSmith SuperLon Fine Cord is comparable to a size FF. With 24 colors to choose from, You will enjoy the many uses of this .4 mm cord with an extimated tensile strength of 25 pounds. There are a generous 118 yds per spool spun to the Tex 135 cord specification.

Info Update Aug 2016:
To save you money - we do not sell the "Retail Package" - rather we buy in bulk and ship your spools in zipper bags. However if you must have the packaging - email and we will obtain it for you at MSRP as shown below
* Discount price requires quantity of 2 or 4 spools per color - sorry no mixing
MSRP Bag 1 Bag 2* bag 4*
5.75 each 3.95 each 3.75 each 3.50 each
5.75 each 3.95 bag 7.50 bag $14.00 bag
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