S-Lon Tex045 D_Thread

S-Lon D is a nylon thread and will fit through a size 12 beading needle. The BeadSmith SuperLon D has the feel of Nymo D but comes close to the strength of Power Pro. Use this Tex 45 thread for all kinds of beadwork - beadloom warp - bead carrier for weft and in most off-loom bead weaving and netting projects or other multi-pass bead stitches. This thread has almost no stretch. S-Lon D has approximately 78 yards per spool available in 36 colors.
Click Here for the SuperLon Q & A Compilation (opens in a new window) Although YMMV you may find it useful to print the Compilation for your personal reference and use.
S-Lon is identical in structure to C-Lon, made in the same factory to the same specificiation in the USA
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