Fireline by Berkeley

Fireline Facts: This is a micro fused braided thread manufactured by Berkely from from Dyneema ® According to Berkeley, Dyneema® is a gel-spun polyethylene which is known as the strongest fiber, per diameter ever created It has a high tensile strength an dhas been recommended in numerous how to articles (but never by IAJS) for beadwork.

As a convenience to our customers, we do offer a range of Fireline products for order from the products offered by Berkerly in conjunction with the BeadSmith. Our prices are MSRP mostly to cover the often almost silly cost of postage to ship - you might get a better deal looking in hunting and fishing business like Cabella's or Dick's Sporting Goods.

CAVEAT: Please do not ask us for help solving issues if you insist on using Fireline in braiding. Because our answer will be Friends don't let friends braid with Fireline.

Frankly at twice the price of SLON, we are hard put not to do our level best to talk you out fo the product EVEN if you find a REALLY good deal elsewhere - just something to think about

Manufacturer Supplied Details for Beadworkers.
Break Strength OD-Outer Diameter Suggested Needle
2 lb 0.91kg 003 IN/.07MM -----
4 lb 1.81kg 0.005in | 0.12mm English #12
6 lb 2.72kg 0.006in | 0.15mm English #12
8 lb 3.62kg 0.007in | 0.17mm English #10
10 lb 4.54kg 0.007in | 0.17mm -----
Package contains: 3 SPOOLS- 15 YARDS EACH
BeadSmith: Berkeley FIRELINE
Type of Material: DYNEEMA
Country of Origin UNITED STATES
UPC Code 790524338436
FInishing: BeadSmith Thread Zap and Cord Zap seem to work well to fuse ends.
Note = there are many InterMyths on line about Fireline If interested - you may find it helpful to read the details shared jointly by The BeadSmith & Berkeley about FireLine. opens in a new window
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