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Paracord is also know as Parachute Cord is used in many Fiber - Jewelry and other Decorative and Functional for Braid - Macram?? - Knotting - Crochet - Knit or Weave.

Although there may be others, Paracord is usually offered as either Paracord 550 which is approximately 4.5mm - 5mm (about 3/16 inch) thickness and Paracord 325 estimated at 3mm in diameter

According the manufacturer - Pepperell - This braided nylon parachute cord has seven strands of nylon liner. Pepperell 550 and 325 Parachute cord can be used for all sorts of crafts and Jewelry making projects. The soft braided outer shell is durable yet cushioned. This cushioning allowa Pepperell Paracord to be flexible so it is an excellent choice for knife handles - spears - and survival gear while yet soft enough to wear as Jewelry. Mil-spec standard USA production and super quality.

Pepperell cords - carbiners - buckles - clasps and other findings are offered and intended for use in jewlery and decorative accessories. Pepperell cords should NOT TO BE USED FOR SKY DIVING - CLIMBING OR OTHER ACTIVITIES AS SAFETY EQUIPMENT.

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