Rivoli Cabochon Glass Shapes

    Cabochons And Shapes - Sometimes called "Art Glass"
  • Can be glass, precious or semi-precious gem stones, and any other material you can think of.
  • Subject to Availability - so if you like it, add to your stash
  • may be "flat sided" Cabs with no holes, or any geometric or fun shape
  • although some have holes for ease of adding to your work, these are not usually considered beads, and so may not have holes
Tiplet: Because these "come and go" when you see a colorway taht appeals, consider both a large size for focal use and an "earring" card which usually has two pieces in a smaller size but same coloring etc. Personally, when budget allows, I prefer to buy at least two of any sizes available to allow for a wider range of stash enhancement. don't forget to keep notes in case you need info later for inclusion in a work that will be sold.

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