Delica 11 Opaque Glazed

    Delica Beads Round 11/0(DB)
  • Style: Opaque Glazed and Opaque Glazed Frosted
  • Outer Diameter: OD=1.5mm
  • Inner Diameter: ID=.8mm
  • Weight per Bead approximately .005 each
  • Beads per Kilo approximately: 200 000
  • Beads per Gram 200 beads
  • Beads per 50gm approximately 10,000
  • Beads per 7gm: approximately 1400
  • Shape: Delica® Round Cylinder Tube

NOTE: All Measurements are approximate and exact dimensions may be effected by Coatings and Finishings.
REMEMBER: Color is in the eye of the beholder - and may be effected by your monitor - if exact color is critical ask about sample or refer to color card Miyuki Card No 1007 (April 2017)
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