DIY-Frame Loom

The Archie Brennan - Susan Maffei
DIY Tapestry Frame Loom

The primary difference between mine and the original is that I did not use any screws, instead all the pieces are "dry fit". So far, with the add of bungee cords, that has "worked for Wheat". If you have any questions, please feel free to email or Braids Beaded Kumihimo & More on Facebook
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One 5 or 10 foot length
Type M 3/4 inch Copper Pipe -

The Basic frame loom uses 5 ft (60 inches) Many stores do have 5 foot lengths at a higher price per ft. However, the 10 foot lengths gives you some options to have pieces to make larger or smaller work areas.           If needed, cut the ten foot length of tube into two 5 ft pieces to fit into car. Frame uses 5 foot needs 6 pieces of pipe - TWO of 3 lengths (equal within 1/4 inch)
  • 2 pieces/length of 6 inches each
  • 2 pieces/length of 10 inches each
  • 2 pieces/length of 14 inch each

  • Mini-Pipe Cutter Shown is the Ace Miget Pipe Cutter. It will handle up to 7/8 copper pipe, so give you some flexiblity. It is the only one I found for under $10 - those offered in Home Despot and Lowe's seem to be at least $15 or more.

    Often times your local hardware store will cut the pipe for you. Thus eliminating the need for the purchase of a Pipe cutter.
    Sand Paper will be used to smooth the pipe ends - choose the highest grit available. You should not need the more expensive tool used to burnish the ends because you will not be welding or gluing.

    FOUR 3/4 inch 90 degree Copper Elbow FOUR - 3/4 to 1/2 inch reducing coupler TWO - 1/2 inch O-Rings

    TWO - Threaded Rod 1/2"-11 or -13 x 12 TWO - Hex Nuts TWO - Wing Nuts to fit Threaded Rod

    Take this page to your local hardware store. It should be help clarify the staff what you really do want and don't need/want glue or solder

    Click on the photo or here for a copy of The Basic Freemium large exploded drawing can be found at: Archie Brennan & Susan Martin Maffei on the loom page, along with several others and how to purchase a larger version produced by Arichie's son Jesse. There are several other versions of this "freemium" as well as information on how to order a loom made by Archie's son Jesse.

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