Braid Worksheets

Update: 2013-11-15:

These complimentary PDFs may be useful in planning your 8 or 16 element Kongo Gumi (Round Spiral), one of the most basic Kumihimo Braids as well as its intended use, to record "what was done"
PDF pages open in a new window/tab and require Adobe Reader
Wheat made these for her personal use, the sheet assumes you have reference material for the movements. If not, BeadSmith has graciously made the instruction sheet written by Ann Dilker, usually enclosed when you purchase the BeadSmith Kumhimo Disk This is not the leaflet Ann wrote which is sold separately, it is what is usually enclosed when you purchase the BeadSmith Kumhimo Disk

These are shared (although in some need of revision) with the hope you will respect the work involved in working out the details and will be kind enough to refer those who may find it useful to the resources offered at ItsAllJustString.
click here for Kongo Gumi Basic Instructions by Ann Dilker
click here for Kongo Gumi 8-Tama/Element Record Sheet

click here for Kongo Gumi 16-Tama/Element Record Sheet
If you have Shirley Berlin's Kumihimo On A Card (the RED one) - this is the sheet you may find helpful for the 16 element Kongo Gumi variations explained in the RED Book
click here for Basic Braid 16-Tama/Element Record Sheet
This sheet is what I most often use since deciding to focus on 16 element/tama braids. Feel free to adapt it for your own specific needs. Please feel free to share the link to our PDF as a starting point but please do not share the PDF directly. Thank you for your courtesy.
each will open in a new tab/window and requires Adobe PDF reader, a free program.

With Thanks To Jacqui Carey for Permission to use her Designer Booklets as inspiration.
You may also find a post in Wheat's Blog: Wheat Wrote What about threads helpful - click for: What Wheat Braids With Like most things, it needs updating, especially the information about SuperLon (S-Lon).
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