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Fill The Gap is a 7 element round braid, which means you will have 7 elements (cords, bobbins, etc.) to create a round braid. This braid structure has been enjoying a great deal of popularity for a number beady good reasons. Originating as a FLAT English Strawcraft Plait braid it was modified modified to make on an Octagonal (8 sided) card by Braid Society members to make this braid "in the round".

Further "refined" by Shirley Berlin in her booklet: "More Braids On A Card" (aka/The Green One), The English Fill The Gap braid is, arguably, even more bead friendly than the commonly used Japanese Kongo Gumi (Hard Round Spiral)

The goal of this mini-tutorial is to enable you to use your Kumihimo disc for this bead and bauble friendly braid structure. I hope you wll use your new skill to let your imagination and creativity loose with quick and easy braid,

Every braid has a specific series of movements that make up the individual sequence. - that sequence may or may not be the number of moves required to "get back to the starting position". Please label your bobbins with their starting position or slot. Why? When (not IF), you get lost; the easier to unbraid to a sequence's original start, the faster you will be back to braiding. Original Start is also critical like exact placement of color, etc. Yes, this is contrary to some information I have read here and there are usually based on an oversimplification of the Kongo Gumi braid.

Conventions: the things an "instructor" assumes you will be using:
  • Required: Round or Octagonal disc
    Instructions assume a foam braiding disc where the numbers have been "printed" between the slots. I use the BeadSmith Mini-Kumihimo Disc with a 4.25 inch diameter. Use what you have or make your own.
  • Needed: A Sharpie or other very permanent marker
  • The Slot LEFT of the Numbers on the disc are to be used for Placement - at the start and throughout. (authority: Comprehensive Treatise of Braids VI: Disk and Plate by Makiko Tada)
  • 7 bobbins (I use I use Bob-EEZ) labeled and placed at 32, 4, 8, 16, 20, 24, 28. The 12 slot is your first "gap"

Ready to Give it a Try? - Click Here for the Step by Step prepared by me for use with a Hand Held Disc

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Copyright Note: It has also been AT LEAST 3-5 years since I have reviewed the instructions in Berlin's Green book - More Braids on a Card - same reason. I knew I would do this eventually and so did not want inadvertently use thier words if it could be avoided. An extremely conscious decision was made in hopes of avoiding infringement, so I DID NOT to view other tutorials and videos and will not until after this is written and "finalized".

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