McMorran Yarn Balance - How 2

The McMorran Yarn Balance

The EASY way to determine the number of yards per pound/meters per gram of Yarns.

The McMorran Yarn Balance is a wonderful tool originally produced in the USA by Grandor Industries. It offers the Fiber Artist an easy way to measure the approximate Yards Per Pound/Meters Per Gram of almost any yarn. Since all measurements are approximate, the McMorran Yarn Balance should not be used for the legal sale of yarns. Accuracy increases if equal lengths of yarn are at each side of the V of The Balance Arm.
    The McMorran Yarn Balance is almost completely assembled "out of the box".
  • Simply remove the Balance Arm (1) and Pivot (2).
  • Place the Pivot thru the small hole in the Balance Arm (3)
  • Place the Pivot, with the V (4) in the Balance Arm facing up
  • Make sure the Balance Arm is clear of the side of the slot (5)
  • Place yarn (6) in the V (4) of the Balance Arm.
  • Add/Snip yarn until the balance arm is horizontal.
  • Remove from Balance Arm & Measure the length.
  • uses CLEAR arm - measures approx YARDS Per Pound
  • Measure the TOTAL Length in INCHES
  • Multiply Inches (including fractions) by 100
  • This is the approximate Yards Per Pound

  • For example, If Length = 6 1/2 inches
  • Multiply 6.5 times 100
  • The result, 650, is the approximate Yards Per Pound.
  • uses COLORED arm - measures approx Meters Per Gram
  • Measure the TOTAL Length in CENTIMETERS
  • DIVIDE Total number of CENTIMETERS by 10
  • This is the approximate number of Meters Per Gram
    For Example, if our yarn measured 21 centimeters
  • Divide 21 by 10
  • The result, 2.1, is the approximate Meters Per Gram

With the retirement of the owners of Grandor, The McMorran Yarn Balance is currently out of production and is not currently available from We continue to work toward bringing it into production.
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